The Team | Artboda

You surely haven’t found a lot of information about us in this page, and that’s because we understand that if we don’t connect with you through our work, it doesn’t make sense to explain how young and professional we are. It’s not very helpful to talk about oneself, it’s better for you to search the opinions that our clients left us on our blogs, forums or in our Facebook page, they’ll give you a real opinion about us. Talking a little bit about our trajectory, we have been doing events all over Europe for more than 10 years. Near 1000 weddings and with the feeling that we have made great friends from multiple countries. Our team is formed by good and talented minds, that make a wedding their passion and profession.

Leading the team we have Pablo Costa, cinema director and well known photographer, who you can also personally hire for the new service “Exclusive Service by Pablo Costa”. Pablo himself directs the whole process of production, photography and video, besides retouching the author’s selection and supervising the designs and edition. Another peculiarity is that with “Exclusive Service” the team that joins Pablo has another photographer, which is perfect if you don’t want to miss any detail. Check us out for more information.

In Artboda no one wants to convince you of anything, we think that our clients convince themselves and if you don’t connect with what you see, you probably are looking for another style. We love what we do, we give everything we have to give in every project and we get very involved with our clients. We like the people that appreciates what we do and that’s what makes us search new, creative ideas every day. We want to tell your story!