Carlos + Neus "Mor mor" - Artboda

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“Mor mor” was entirely produced in Majorca. Starring Neus and Carlos, a young and beloved couple that surprised everyone with a very special wedding gift; their own love story turned into a movie.

This Wedding movie was filmed in six days by the team of Artboda which worked under a real screenplay conditions with DSLR cameras, cranes, tracking shots etc. The shooting took place in the beautiful location of Hotel Son Net in Puigpunyent, whose small streets and original houses have framed the story of “Mor mor” with real vintage romanticism. The wedding was beautiful decorated by the bride itself who has been working as a wedding planner for many years.

Pablo Costa created this wedding movie based in a true story: “We planned every minute considering the way the family, friends and the couple lived and felt this experience”. The result is the best story I could ever tell: a true love story, with the treatment of a professional film production.